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Investment Strategy

In order to meet regulatory compliance obligations and issue debentures to the public, ADIG has entered into an intermediary authorisation with CDF AFSL NSW Ltd ACN 617 161 805, AFSL No. 497040.  Strict responsibilities apply to AFSL licensees in relation to having adequate risk management systems in place and a general obligation to provide efficient, honest and fair financial services. View our full Disclosure Statement.

The ADIG Board oversees the Strategic direction of the organisation and regularly meets to ensure relevant controls and process are in place. ADIG Board members have a broad range of skills to provide relevant input and monitoring of ADIG’s Investment strategy and policy. 

Governance Framework

The ADIG has an experienced and dedicated Board, whose primary focus is on the oversight and strategic direction of the organisation.

Our Board is committed to effective governance practices which reflect accountability and assure prudential and ethical conduct.

Monitoring the operational and financial position and performance of the organisation, and driving organisational performance is a key objective, so as to deliver benefit and value to our customers.

ADIG operates under a governance, risk and compliance framework consisting of a range of different policies and procedures. 

This framework helps to ensure that directors, management and staff adhere to relevant regulatory and prudential obligations, meet high standards of corporate governance, and serve and protect our customers interests.

ADIG Board Members

The ADIG upholds strict governance arrangements that provide a high degree of transparency and accountability. The ADIG has a Board that meets on a regular basis. Separately, a Audit and Risk Management Committee, Property Committee and Governance Committee meet to support the Board. Both these forums are advisory in nature and operate within the broader canonical governance structure of the Diocese of Armidale.

Bishop Michael Kennedy

Bishop of Armidale, Armidale

Jennifer Harman

Diocesan Chancellor and Financial Administrator, Armidale

Member of Audit and Risk Management Committee
Member of Property Committee

Bob Locke

Chartered Accountant, Armidale

Member of Audit and Risk Management Committee
Member of Property Committee

Alison Hamilton

Chartered Accountant, Tamworth

Chair of Armidale Diocesan Investment Group Board


Financial and other reporting forms a key part of governance at ADIG.

Our Annual Report contains detailed information on our strategy, financial results and sustainability performance.

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Disclosure Statement

The Armidale Diocesan Investment Group (ADIG) is required by law to make the following disclosure.