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For Chairman of the ADIG Board, Alison Hamilton, Tamworth and the New England region have always been home.



Blessed to have grown up in a loving, happy Catholic family, as one of eight children, Alison is a 4th generation Mahony in Tamworth.

“My parent’s Ray and Betty Mahony were great role models. My husband Greg is a farmer in Somerton district. We met when I was in year 12 and we got married very young,” says Alison.

Having spent most of her adult life in the region, raising her three children and working as a partner in a successful accounting practice, Alison has a great fondness for the community she knows so well.

I believe Tamworth is a progressive city. It is not too small that everybody knows your business, but it’s small enough that people are willing to connect and care for others,” she says.

“It has an attractive commercial area, adequate medical facilities, and great choices for education for its young people. Also, Armidale boasts many impressive and diverse educational facilities.

“Many Tamworth people (including myself) gained their tertiary education at the University of New England.”

It was after finishing school that Alison had her first interaction with the ADIG.

“ADIG was established in1974, the year I finished school, but to me it seems like the ADIG has been around forever,” she said.

“I recall calls from the pulpit for parishioners of St Nicholas to invest with ADIG and I remember going to the original Peel Street branch in Tamworth for my parents.

“My dear Mum always had an ADIG cheque book. Like many, she was disappointed when these were discontinued but she understood ADIG had to move with the times. My family and I can recall many a welcomed birthday gift of an ADIG cheque!”

When Alison’s children entered the Catholic school system, she became reacquainted with ADIG through the school boards, and became aware of how reliant the schools were on ADIG support.

Following discussions in later 2015, about the inner working of ADIG with Ms Jennifer Harman – then the DFA and now Chancellor of the Diocese, I was invited by Bishop Michael Kennedy to join the Board. Then in August 2020 I was appointed the Chair of the ADIG Board.

“Firstly, ADIG isn’t a bank nor is it a credit union. It is a dedicated Catholic Church Development Fund. It provides a regulatory compliant facility for people to lodge their savings and achieve attractive returns while knowing that by doing so they are also helping ADIG provide financial assistance to support the Catholic community including parishes and schools in the Diocese of Armidale.

I have always found the staff to be professional, friendly, and very willing to help. They know the business and ADIG’s products. ADIG has modern branches and technologies. Unlike other financial institutions there are actual people in the branches not just self-help screens.”

As part of the ADIG family and leadership for a number of years, Alison has seen it grow more successful over time.

I believe ADIG has an exciting future. However, it goes without saying, ADIG needs the continued support of the Diocese’s parishioners and account holders to achieve its goals.”

“With the skills and expertise of this new professional team and Board, ADIG can achieve strong and sustained returns and provide greater financial support to the Diocese so that this isn’t just limited to the day to day running costs of the Diocese but excitingly, it can fund further Catholic ministry and support for the parishes and communities.”

“Join us and make a difference.”