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The Armidale Diocesan Investment Group (ADIG) Board has recently completed the engagement of a new management team as the business looks to continue its strong performance and take advantage of future growth opportunities.

Since the ADIG’s inception in 1974 the business has grown to the point where it now performs very strongly against its peer Catholic Development Funds (CDF’s) across Australia. A strength of the ADIG business has been the significant support of external investors within the business.

The new management team including Mr Grant Devine (CEO), Mr Andrew Draney (CFO), Mr Craig Archer (Corporate Services Manager) and Mr Bernie Munro (Business Development and Marketing Manager) bring with them significant industry experience from the financial and investment markets. The new management team will draw upon their vast experience working in their specialised fields within local mutuals through to large multinational firms.

Mr. Devine, noted “the core business of ADIG remains the same as those principles sought when the business commenced. Our ability to deliver strong returns that are underpinned by ethical investment is critical to the current and future success of the business”.

“We have been well supported in our previous endeavors and through prudent management and strong corporate governance it is hoped that the business will continue to grow and set the standard amongst Catholic Development Funds across Australia”.

(L-R Bernie Munro, Grant Devine, Craig Archer, Andrew Draney)